Things To Do In Prague

Things To Do In Prague

There are a plethora of interesting things to do in Prague as it is home to numerous baroque buildings, Gothic spires, a web of charming cobblestone streets, red roofs beneath a hilltop castle. The capital is also well known for its cultural attractions like the famous Franz Kafka Museum, locally made beer, and food that goes beyond Czech dumplings and goulash. If you are wondering what to do in Prague, you may see Prague's famous castle and numerous bridges, listen to its music, and experience the Danube River as you wind your way through the city's modern and ancient attractions with Prague attraction tickets.

While ticking of the list of things to do in Prague, do not forget to include jazz music, puppet shows, pork knuckles, an astronomical clock, a mind maze and many more. Activities in Prague include exploring the old alleyways during the day, strolling down the riverfront at night, and if all that sightseeing gets to be too much, you can always unwind with some substantial Czech food and a selection of the finest lagers on the planet. With fantastic views, a tonne of restaurants and shops right outside your door, and touristy spots such as Old Town and the Charles bridge, Prague is definitely worth visiting.

Watch the Astronomical Clock Strike an Hour

If you are looking for things to do in Prague, get awed by the spectacle of the Old Town Hall's mechanical clock signaling the passing of an hour. The clock is the pride of Prague, which is located on the south face of the town hall. It was constructed in the fourteenth century and is recognised as the best surviving medieval mechanical clock in the world, despite having been damaged and rebuilt over the course of its existence.

Meet Animals At Prague zoo

The Prague Zoological Garden is located on the bank of the Vltava River amid a distinctively rocky setting. It was founded in 1931 and throughout the course of its more than 80-year history, has grown to rank among the most prestigious zoos in the world. In the Prague Zoo, 5,049 animals of 676 species are housed. You can find in over 58 hectares, there are 150 exhibits spread across 13 pavilions here.

Visit National Museum Prague

The Museum of Natural Sciences, the Historical Museum, the National Museum Library, the Náprstek Museum of Asian, African, and American Cultures, and the Czech Museum of Music are the five specialized institutes that make up the National Museum. The National Museum compiles collections of tangible historical, prehistoric, and natural history artifacts of Czech and international provenance.

Explore Illusion Art Museum Prague

The first illusion and trick art museum in the Czech Republic is located in Prague. Here, you will find illusion art in a variety of forms, some with deep historical roots and others modern and cutting-edge, including metallurgical paintings, trick art, spatial illusions, and much, much more. Anamorphic installations that unexpectedly depict famous historical figures are also featured.

Checkout Shooting Range Prague

Experience the largest gun range in the Czech Republic at the Shooting Range Prague. Here, hone your accuracy and learn from professional soldiers' experiences. At this location, you can spend a day having fun as an American sniper, a Soviet soldier, or a lawless outlaw from a Wild West movie.

Hop On Hop Off Prague

Book a hop-on hop-off sightseeing bus tour to explore the highlights of Prague. You may design your own schedule and tour Prague at your own leisure thanks to the freedom to hop off and hop on the bus whenever and anywhere you like. There are many choices available, some of which include cruising the waters of Prague.

Visit Prague Castle

The most well-known tourist destination in the city is Prague Castle, which is situated in Hradcany. The magnificent castle, which is now the president's official residence, has historically served as the capital of the Czech Republic. The St. Vitus Cathedral, the St. George Basilica, and Golden Lane in Prague Castle can all be viewed while exploring Prague things to do with a single admission fee, although access to the castle's grounds is free.

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Prague River Cruise

When you take a sightseeing river cruise in Prague, you can take in the beauty as you pass important landmarks including Kampa Island, the Charles Bridge, and Prague Castle. On a cruise of your choosing, take in Prague's sites from the water. From the interior or exterior deck, comfortably view Prague Castle and other sites. You can also purchase drinks and snacks during your time on the cruise.

Stroll Across The Charles Bridge

One of the most pleasurable and enduring experiences of a trip to Prague is a simple stroll across the Charles bridge, built in the fourteenth century. Charles IV ordered the bridge in 1357 to replace an earlier structure that had been destroyed by flooding. Although it was finished in 1390 and the eye-catching statues were added in the 17th century, it wasn't until the 19th century that the bridge was given Charles' name.

Climb 299 Steps to Petrin Hill

One of Prague's greenest areas is Petrin, a hill on the Vltava River that provides fantastic city views. To get to the summit of Petrin Hill, you can either climb it on foot or take the funicular railway. A miniature reproduction of the Eiffel Tower, with beautifully groomed gardens can be spotted here along with the remarkable Church of St. Michael, which is a wooden structure brought here from Ukraine.

Watch Skateboarders at the Letna Park

This park, which once housed a huge statue of Stalin before it was demolished in the 1960s, is a favorite gathering place for skateboarders. On the steep river embankment of Letna Hill is where the park is situated. Watch the skateboarders' impressive skills while relaxing in one of the many beer gardens around.

Enjoy nature at Jelení Príkop

The Jeleni Prikop is perfect if the hustle and bustle of Prague starts to exhaust you and you need to unwind. This area, which formerly served as a moat along the back of Prague Castle, is now a lovely expanse of greenery. Use this park for activities in Prague like, a picnic or a stroll before dinner to unwind after your strenuous sightseeing of Prague.

See the Infant Jesus of Prague

The Infant Jesus of Prague, also called the Child of Prague, is a Roman Catholic statue of Jesus Christ as an infant that can be found in the Mala Strana neighborhood in the center of the city. Although the statue's origin is unknown, it has been dated to the 16th century and is housed in an elaborate golden shrine.

Explore the Old Town Square

The Old Town Square dates back to the tenth century, and today, tourists swarm the antique streets and fill the outdoor eateries. The square is the ideal location to take in Prague's stunning architecture, and you can also keep yourself engaged with various Prague things to do here, by watching the many street performers, musicians, and vendors who populate the area.

See the Treasures of St Vitus Cathedral

One of the sights on the castle grounds is the St. Vitus cathedral. It can be seen from all parts of Prague. The cathedral was finished in 1929, despite the fact that it appears to be many hundreds of years old. The tomb of St. John of Nepomuk, the enormous Wenceslas Chapel, and the spectacular art nouveau stained glass are sure to mesmerize you.

FAQs For Things To Do In Prague

What are the best things to do in Prague at night?

  • Visit the Reduta Jazz Club: Enjoy a 2.5-hour jazz performance by a renowned jazz musician or singer while at Reduta while enjoying refreshing beer or vibrant beverages.

  • Take A Guided Underground and Dungeon Tour: Spending 70 minutes on a guided tour through Prague hunting for ghosts, learning about tales, and getting a better understanding of the medieval city is one of the best things to do in Prague.

  • Go on a Cruise: Prague offers a selection of river excursions that let you view the city from the water. The Devil's Channel, which lasts an hour and presents a lesser-known side of the city, is the best of these.

  • Go on a tour of Trending Breweries: If you enjoy sipping beer and indulging in delicious food, join a small group trip or a private tour of the hippest neighborhoods in the city to sample specialty brews and savor authentic Czech beer tapas.

What is the best time to visit Prague?

Prague is best visited in the spring and early fall when the weather is pleasant and there are less tourists around, so you can explore the activities in Prague. The warmer summer months see the highest influx of visitors because of the city's often chilly environment, which could result in higher hotel rates.

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Is Prague worth visiting?

Yes, it is worth visiting Prague as it is the country's capital and has a lot to offer everyone. There are various activities in Prague, here, you can discover everything you need for the ideal trip whether you love history, art, high fashion, amazing architecture, or just love to appreciate the beautiful surroundings.

How many days are needed to visit Prague?

If you are wondering what to do in Prague, it is essential to schedule your trip for four to five days in order to fully see this magnificent city. This will enable you to see all the major attractions and get a feel for the local way of life.

Why is Prague Castle so famous?

Prague Castle, which is located in Hradcany, is the city's most popular tourist attraction and should definitely be added to the list of Prague things to do . Historically, the majestic castle that is now the president's official home served as the Czech Republic's capital. Despite the fact that entry to the castle's grounds is free, there is a single admission price for viewing the St. Vitus church, the Basilica of St. George, and Golden Lane.


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