Shooting Range Prague

Shooting Range Prague

Shooting Range Prague is the most cutting-edge outdoor and indoor shooting range complex in Prague that gives you the best Prague Shooting Range Experience. It accepts solo travellers, couples, and large groups as well as last-minute bookings for the Shooting Range Prague Tickets. For beginners, seasoned shooters, and even professionals, their contemporary, well-equipped ranges provide ideal circumstances.

There are 11 shooting packages available in the Shooting Range Prague Tickets, with everything from pump-action shotguns, accurate pistols, and storied revolvers to contemporary rifles and submachine weapons. The Shooting Range Prague have been the top firing range provider on the Czech market since 2005 thanks to its long history, affordable prices, first-rate customer service, and thousands of delighted customers.

You can hone your accuracy and learn from professional soldiers' experiences in this thrilling activity. For a reasonable charge, you can spend the day as a Wild West outlaw, a Soviet soldier, or an American sniper, providing you the best Prague Shooting Range Experience. With a range of 25 to 500 metres, this shooting range has 4 open-air ranges. They provide a range of shooting activities that are suitable for all skill levels, including novices, students learning about gun safety and handling, sport shooters, and gun aficionados. Get this unique experience with Prague attraction tickets.

Book Shooting Range Prague tickets online

With the Shooting Range Prague Tickets booked online, you can put your accurate shooting talents to the test. You can use a variety of weapons, receive individualised attention and recommendations from the complex's committed teachers. You can also fire a few bullets, improve your aim, and maximise your shooting abilities. You can use a variety of firearms and get proficient with them. The Shooting Range Prague is a great pastime for a wet day in Prague and is conveniently located near the city's heart.You can pick from a selection of pistols, machine guns, and assault weapons once you have booked the Shooting Range Prague Tickets online. Try this activity under the supervision of a trained instructor who will look out for your safety and instruct you on the fundamentals of handling weapons. The shooting activity will be conducted while wearing the appropriate safety gear, such as targets, protective vests, and eye and ear protection.

Package Options For Shooting Range Prague

AK47 Pack

This pack is available for groups of at least 6 people. In this pack you will learn what it's like to fire a real AK-47, the first assault rifle and arguably one of the most well-known weapons in history. You will have the chance to fire 30 rounds from the AK-47 Kalashnikov, 6 rounds from the CZ 75 9mm pistol, and 6 rounds from the Revolver .357 Magnum. You will also get to fire 5 rounds from the Pump Action Shotgun, and 5 rounds from the Dragunov Sniper Rifle during the AK-47 shooting in Prague. This shooting range may appeal to both experienced shooters and fans of small guns.

DUO Pack

In this pack, weapons such as the AK-47, M16, SA58, shotguns, sniper rifles, and more are waiting for you. Learn about firearm safety and instruction from the qualified instructors, then test your shooting skills with a group of friends to determine who is the best marksman. In a welcoming and comfortable setting, you will learn how to handle, load, and unload these actual guns.

Triple Pack

This pack includes 35 shots per person with 3 weapons, that makes it a wonderful opportunity for beginners to practise shooting with handguns. The indoor range is located inside of Prague, while the outdoor range is located in a forest outside of Prague. Private transportation is available to and from both ranges. The activity is overseen by a Czech/English-speaking guide. The weapons include AK 47, Pump Shotgun, and Glock 17 rifle. Additional weaponry includes Desert Eagle, Dirty Harry, and World War II-era guns, .44 Magnum plus others.

Four Pack

A mid-range variation is provided by 4 weapons and 40 bullets per player. This pack is probably one of the most well-liked shooting excursions. Private vehicles are used to transport your group to each range, and larger coaches are available for larger groups. An English-speaking instructor carefully controls the shooting. This pack provides a particularly competitive event. The weapons provided here are AK47, UZI, Pump Shotgun, .38 Special. Additionally, you will be able to purchase additional ammunition and weapons on the day at each range, Including, Desert Eagle and well-known Dirty Harry from World War 2, .44 Magnum plus others.

Five Pack

A sophisticated Prague Shooting Range Experience, provided by 5 weapons and 55 shots for each participant. They offer private transportation, which is included in the fee, for both ranges. There won't be many more opportunities for you to fire these potent weapons. The English-speaking instructors carefully and safely supervise the event. The weapons here are AK47, M16, Magnum .357, Scorpion Evo Submachine Gun, and Dragunov Sniper Rifle.

Big Six

6 weapons and 65 bullets per person makes up this package. It is a thorough shooting excursion created for shooters with considerable experience. They offer a private shuttle service to and from both the indoor and outdoor ranges. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to use the potent weapons – AK47, Dragunov Sniper Rifle, UZI, Pump Shotgun, AR15, .44 Magnum.

Seven Pack

A lengthy shooting excursion of 7 guns is intended for a bunch of gun crazy people. The weapons here include - AK47, Dragunov Sniper Rifle, UZI, Pump Shotgun, AR15, .38 Special, and Glock 17. These are high-calibre guns that are safely supervised under the English-speaking teachers' supervision. After being driven back to your hotel in Prague, the excellent activity will have come to an end.

Top Ten

This pack includes 10 guns and 85 shots. The weapons here include - AK47, Dragunov Sniper Rifle, Colt 1911, .44 Magnum, H&K USP, UZI, Pump Shotgun, AR15, .38 Special, and Glock 17. Take a seat behind the trigger of some of the most well-known weapons in history and destroy some targets. You can capture pictures and movies of one another while you are shooting, and then you may pose for shots with the unloaded weapons.

VIP Pack

13 guns and 110 shots are included in this package. This is a VIP Package for the people who are truly dedicated to gun activities and are experienced VIP Players. The weapons here are not so easy to handle and they include - AK47, Dragunov Sniper Rifle, SA58, Colt 1911, Saiga, .44 Magnum, H&K USP, Skorpion, UZI, Pump Shotgun, AR15, .38 Special, and Glock 17. Your knowledgeable, English-speaking teacher guides you through each phase of the shooting event and explains how to handle and use each gun in a safe manner. Enjoy gun’s incredible firepower to the fullest under the guidance and supervision of a qualified expert.

Handguns Pack

This pack has the shooting excursion of 3 guns and 25 shots. The weapons included here are .38 Special, Glock 17, and H&K USP. The instructor comes with the package who is an English speaking shooting expert. The instructor will also tell you about safety rules, proper gun handling, shooting techniques and the history of the guns.

Ladies Pack

On the indoor shooting range in Prague, weapons such the Mini UZI, Skorpion, and Beretta, and more are waiting for you. Women should use light, small-calibre firearms. Pick-up and drop-off at the hotel, a safety briefing, ammo, targets, a tutorial, protective equipment, and a drink are all included in the package.

Highlights For Shooting Range Prague

  • You can master the use of legendary guns with this activity.
  • Enjoy the shooting classes with the most qualified teachers.
  • 4 high capacity gun channels are open in this activity for fire.
  • No need to bother about a gun licence; just shoot with a professional squad and feel like a professional soldier.
  • Completing this job will allow you to enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime shooting adventure with your buddies and the shooting squad.
  • Choose from a variety of pistols, machine guns, and assault weapons to participate in this great activity.
  • Try this breath-taking pastime while wearing the appropriate gear, such as targets, protective jackets, and earplugs.

Know Before You Go to Shooting Range Prague

Essential Information
  • Location: The Shooting Range Prague is located in Czech, Republic. The exact location is Lublaňská 1729/23, 120 00 Nové Město, Czechia.
  • Duration: This entire activity takes almost 2 hours to complete.
  • How to reach: From the city centre, take the car, follow the Náměstí Míru and Bělehradská road and it will take you around 5 minutes to get to the destination.
  • Itinerary:Destination: RANGER Prague Shooting.The distance from Prague's centre to an outdoor shooting range is around 45 minutes. The indoor shooting range is right in the middle, and is conveniently accessible by public transportation.
  • You will get instructor and shooting specialist fluent in English.
  • You will get a briefing on safety guidelines, appropriate gun handling, shooting tactics, and the history of guns.
  • The range fees are included, either an indoor or outdoor range.
  • You will get rental weapons: depending on the package selected, 1 to 13 weapons.
  • Armours are included: ammunition, targets, ear and eye protection.
  • Refreshments are provided: soft drinks, mineral water.
  • Prague pick-up and drop-off services are included from and to your preferred address.
  • Dual transfer is provided in a minibus with air conditioning.


What would be the time duration for the Shooting Range Prague Bus?

The time duration for the Shooting Range Prague Bus is 30 minutes to the indoor range and 45 minutes to the outdoor range.

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Can we book Shooting Range Prague tickets online?

Yes. You can book the Shooting Range Prague Tickets online through our website. You can enjoy the shooting events you desire at your preferred time and date and you will get great discounts and offers if you book advance tickets through our website.

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Is the price for Shooting Range Prague tickets the same for everyone?

Yes. The price for Shooting Range Prague tickets is same for everyone. The activity differs depending on the type of package you choose.

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Why is Prague so famous?

Prague is renowned for its vibrant cultural scene. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, a prolific and influential composer of the Classical Period, resided there and his Don Giovanni and the Prague Symphony was first performed in this city. A spring music festival is also held annually to honour the renowned Czech lyric composers Bedřich Smetana, Antonín Dvořák, and Leoš Janáček.

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What are the types of gun available at Prague shooting experience?

Numerous handguns, submachine guns, shotguns, rifles, revolvers, and pistols are available for selection at Prague Shooting Range Experience.

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